Here are a few of my beginners beard tips – Feel free to watch the video, if I can offer any advice then send me a message on YouTube.

1: Your New Physical Appearance

Whether you choose a trendy stubble style beard or an artistically groomed piece of art beard, this thing on you face will be attractive to both men and women (be warned). You only have to look at some of the top beard models to see how cool you could actually look with little or no effort.

A beard is not just great for making yourself more attractive but it can be a great tool to hide
• Pock marks
• Scares
• Even ugliness can be reduced by 50% (well half of your face will be covered, like mine)
• A skinny, gaunt or even a fat face

2: Keeping the beard tidy

Beard trimmers are very affordable you can buy one from around £10-15 but if you’re serious about your beard buy a quality make. I bought a mid-range trimmer for under £40. It has loads of attachments for all types of body hair. Head, beard, body.

Beard Trimmer bargains –

3: The first couple of weeks

Like a new lawn, it will help growth and styling if you take a small amount of the stubble off, trim the edges within the first couple of weeks. You might feel this is a step back but your facial hair will grow quicker. This also totally transform the look from hungover, just getting over flu look to a person that has designer stubble.

4: Look at Pinterest for styling inspiration

Although Google images will help find styles, Pinterest also helps with the whole package, face, clothes, age and trends. I feel using this application reduced my age by at least 10 years.

5: Beard oil

Seven Potions Organic/Vegan

I can’t stress enough the importance of a decent beard oil. In the first few weeks the most useful part of the beard oil will be to soften the bristles to reduce itch, keeping your beard healthy and reduce split ends.

A beard oil without chemicals, parabens, preservatives and no artificial fragrances should be your priority.

6: More than stubble – Beard hair basically

Do yourself a HUGE favour, let a professional barber who is a specialist in beards cut your beard. A mistake could cost you weeks or months of growth time, or worse cause you to have to cut your beard of altogether.

7: Beard friends

A decent beard will gain you respect a completely new set of friends. Well if you’re open and friendly like me, people will talk to you about your beard, especially if you look after it. I have met friends in the USA as you will see in the video at the end where I sent some gifts for his kids.

8: I Hate to talk about the negatives but you might experience some, so what do I think this will be?

Some people like your friends or family might not like beards, or even that you’ve decided to make a change in your appearance. Some will be outspoken and if you’re not confident and truly believe you look good with a beard, you might be shaving it off. Ask people you don’t know for their opinion as most negative comments come from someone not being used to your hair – THAT ALL, it would be a shame to give up so early on, wouldn’t it?

9: Now this is a really hard one?

If your partner hates beards or it irritates them so much they stop intimacy in protest to you shaving it off, what do you do? Well for married men there is a saying “A happy wife is a happy Life”
I was lucky enough to meet my partner while I had a beard so for me there is no issue.

This is something I want to cover in a video on its own, and if possible involve some men have this problem or dilemma right now. This would be a great video I think!!!

10: Lastly, subscribing to YouTube channels about Beards

There are plenty of down to earth men like me on YOUTUBE, young old and all types nationalities. A good Youtuber will answer your comments, give personalised tips, and more importantly help you keep that beard on your face, keep stylish and hopefully even happier than you were without a beard.

That’s it for today, thanks again guy for all the new subscribers, keep them coming and as I said, feel free to ask any questions
Keep safe and have a fantastic week

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