Food Vloggers Judge Worthings Food Festivals Best Stalls

Two food influencers pick the winners of the Worthing Food Festival this year. One from Worthing called Chizzy and one called Mrs Symes all the way from Manchester

Worthing lad Chizzy has worked hard to get his 14K fan base on Instagram and used his follower love of him to collect some pretty amazing prizes for the raffle, most from a local business, friends and fellow influencers.

Chizzy and Kath are soon to be featured Channel 4’s new show called “COOKING UP A FORTUNE

As I am creative and getting more well known for my spray can art, I got involved this year and was asked to make the 1st prize for the Chestnut Tree House raffle and the 1st prize for the “Best Food & Drink Stall”, What an honour!

I know the competition to find the best stool was even harder this year, so many of them were worthy winners but one just had something completely original that tickled the taste buds!

This year I took my video camera with me so I managed to capture some footage while visiting the stalls with the judges. Steyne Gardens in Worthing fits over 70 stalls. In this YouTube video I put together a compilation from the smoothest footage I had over the two days. It seemed a shame not to put something together.

If you didn’t get a chance to go this year or you want to make a trip next year, this video footage might encourage you to visit our seaside town of Worthing.

Sorry if you are a stool holder and you are not in the video, I just could video everyone and it was packed so couldn’t always set up my tripod to do your food and drink justice! There wasn’t enough time or battery power either.

Well done to the winner this year of the best food and drink stand “SIMPLY VEG” AMAZING and worthy winner.

A very well done to the organisers of this event, Worthing Town Centre Initiative. Top marks for everyone who helped or donated prizes, money and of course the hundreds of visitors to our Worthing town!

Written by peter