Today I am going to be looking at the Loreal, men expert beard club products “Long beard & skin oil” and the “beard, Face & Hair Wash”
First of all, let’s look at the beard, face and hair wash.

The container is 200ml which is far more generous than other more premium beard washes I have used. The instructions are clear and the ingredients laid out on the reverse of the product.

Its free from soap, parabens, colourants and the ingredients from animal origin.

The smell is fantastic and you can really smell the cedarwood essential oil. To me it smells a little like “old spice”, I think that is the cedarwood ingredient. It’s fresh and actually very pleasant indeed.

When you apply it to your face it gathers a lather quickly and without needing to use too much.
I used three pumps and this was enough for my beard, hair and face.
After my shower my face, beard and hair felt soft and I could smell the product as I dried myself. I would be happy to use this product as part of my daily washing routine.

Moving on to the long beard & skin oil

The oil is in a 30 ml glass bottle with an easy to use pump action dispenser. Like the beard, face and hair wash, the smell was fantastic, the constancy wasn’t as oily as some of the more premium beard oils I’ve been used to recently, but for people on a tight cosmetic budget, they will most certainly benefit from a well-conditioned, soft beard. When I used it for a week, I found a couple of applications a day was needed, compared to one application from the more premium type oils I have been using.

When you buy the product, keep an eye out for offers at supermarkets and chemists, Loreal supply a vast number of retailers, on an offline. I bought both these products at 50% off, so £10.00 for both, I think is super value for money. I will link in the description where you can buy this on AMAZON and you’ll also be able to read customer reviews too.

Again, this product is free from soap, parabens, colourants and the ingredients from animal origin.
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