I love a premium beard oil and so do many other bearded men. If you’re looking for a premium beard brand that is featured and recommended by the likes of men’s fitness, GQ, and even legends like Bruno Saltor Grau, the Brighton & Hove football Captain, then check out my review about the Eastwing Grooming Co beard oil.

It’s not the cheapest of premium beard products but I don’t think in anyway it is over priced. From my very first application I could really feel it working and mostly this comes at a cost.

I love the branding, the shape of the container with its unique stylish pipette. I took the bottle to my barbers when I had my weekly trim and the mellow orange beard oil was met with great approval from all.

For you guys interested in “SAFE BEARD PRODUCTS” EASTWING GROOMING CO grooming products have been scrutinised and tested by their own experienced team of industry experts, Herbalist and Aromatherapist. It has also been safety tested under the “Cosmetic Products Regulation”

The oil remained on my beard well in to the day, as I shower twice a day I wait to apply a second application just before bed.

The product can only be bought directly from the EASTWING GROOMING CO website at the moment but over the coming weeks you should be able to snap some up when you’re doing an AMAZON order so keep a look out and keep checking back. I will link it in the description when it becomes available.

Forget buying an EASTER egg for a man with a beard, do him a favour and put something else on to his body rather than calories, maybe this decent, premium beard oil.

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