Worthing Food Festival 2019

Food Vloggers Judge Worthings Food Festivals Best Stalls Two food influencers pick the winners of the Worthing Food Festival this year. One from Worthing called Chizzy and one called Mrs Symes all the way from Manchester Worthing lad Chizzy has worked hard to get his 14K fan base on Instagram and used his follower love of him… Read more »

Carpool Kidnapping With Paul Aroe, Graffiti Artist

When you carpool with graffiti legend Paul Aroe, you know it’s going to be full of laughs, unpredictable banter, food and amazing artwork! This is a video diary I wanted to share with you all. It’s real, it’s raw and it helped me move a little bit further in a personal journey! Follow me on… Read more »

L’Oreal Men Expert Beard Club – Beard Oil and 3 in 1 Wash (Review)

Today I am going to be looking at the Loreal, men expert beard club products “Long beard & skin oil” and the “beard, Face & Hair Wash” First of all, let’s look at the beard, face and hair wash. The container is 200ml which is far more generous than other more premium beard washes I… Read more »

Eastwing Grooming Co – Is “Mellow Orange” the NEW black?

I love a premium beard oil and so do many other bearded men. If you’re looking for a premium beard brand that is featured and recommended by the likes of men’s fitness, GQ, and even legends like Bruno Saltor Grau, the Brighton & Hove football Captain, then check out my review about the Eastwing Grooming… Read more »

Coconut Oils and Balms – Magic for your beard and skin

Many of us men with beards like to wash it regularly, but it does come at a price! DRY BEARDS…. I started using coconut oil when I first noticed my beard was drying out. HERE IS MY WEEKLY RITUAL TO KEEP IT SOFT! I use a 10 in 1 body balm which conditions and fixes… Read more »

Bulldog Beard Balm VS Seven Potions Beard Balm

The video is about two completely different beard balms? If you are interested in trying out the products I have been talking about in the video then here are the direct links to AMAZON: BUY SEVEN POTIONS ON AMAZON – http://amzn.to/2ET3nSv BUY BULLDOG PRODUCTS ON AMAZON – http://amzn.to/2ESun4F New beard growers haven’t tried lots of… Read more »

Nice Size Quiff If You Have Straight Hair – Older Mens Hair 2017

Straight hair can be an absolute nightmare to style. But if you use the right gear then you can turn boring in to a style to something fashionable and modern in just a few minutes. See a quick demonstration HERE. Products used: American Crew Forming Cream 85g / 3oz http://amzn.to/2hftWYD Hair Forming Cream to give… Read more »

10 Beginners Beard Tips – The First Few Weeks

Here are a few of my beginners beard tips – Feel free to watch the video, if I can offer any advice then send me a message on YouTube. 1: Your New Physical Appearance Whether you choose a trendy stubble style beard or an artistically groomed piece of art beard, this thing on you face… Read more »

Epic Straight Beard Tip – Great Looking Beard in Seconds

Using straighteners and a heat comb that can take heat of up to 230c will help you achieve the best and most neatly groomed beard. Great for short to medium length. NO MORE NASTY BURNS Please let me know what you think in the comments. I hope you enjoy the video, please take the time… Read more »

Vegan Beard Oil Review – Mr Masey’s No 6

I had a little trip over to Brighton last week and was told by my friend to “PICK UP SOME MR MASEY’S BEARD OIL”. OMG, it is amazing so thought I would do a little review. They also have a place you can buy in person 7 Kensington Gardens, Brighton, UK, BN1 4AL Website for… Read more »

  • Business success but video fail! – FEW OUTTAKES

    Danielle Jurgelewicz from DMedia and Marketing WON three new accounts in a matter of hours yesterday, AMAZING! It’s immaterial that the video content that we had planned to put together didn’t happen. (My fault for not plugging in the microphone) Why have I put the outtakes in a video? She dreads the initial selling herself… Read more »

  • Bulldog Beard Oil and Conditioner – 48 Year Old Beard Virgin’s REVIEW!

    I am new on the way to what I consider to be a proper beard! On my journey, I am going to be experimenting with various beard and moustache cosmetics. The first one that I have been using on a daily basis is the bulldog range of facial oils and conditioners. So far, I have… Read more »

  • Vlog Number 2 – Lucky Subscriber From Worthing

    We now have some amazing places to go to eat in Worthing and Brighton and today I was invited to Fiordilatte and Giuseppe’s Lite (Warwick Street) Both amazing places and typical ITALIAN, friendly and full of huge characters. I am desperately trying to grasp camera skills, editing and have learnt a lot so far. The… Read more »

  • Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes Charity Night – British Heart Foundation in Worthing

    What a night this was! Aga and I (Peter) were invited to St.Pauls Art Centre in Worthing for the Murdoch’s crazy eyes CARTERS HEART charity night. This was a concert to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Corrinne White, arranged the event in memory of her Grandfather, Dennis Carter, who sadly died of heart… Read more »

  • Worthing Barber Chit Chat – Number 66

    Here I am having my hair cut at the popular Worthing barbers called “NUMBER 66”. Dejan has cut my hair for over 15 years and highly recommend him if you are local to Worthing and you want a decent haircut. Tell him you saw the video if you decide to give him a try!